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One Life Left -- x07 -- Ann Life Left #1

Two boys down and one girl left. But wait, isn’t three the magic number? Thank goodness this isn’t Europe’s only FM broadcasting maths radio show. Sadly this is a videogame radio show/podcast, and the boys with the knowledge are in America. So, for one week only, Ann Life Left invites two female friends on to talk games(ish).


We discover some girls really don’t have the greatest gaming credentials.

We decide that doesn’t matter.

We do the games industry a favour and solve the Top 10 Worst Things About Games.


Also, pretty much the best music ever played on OLL this week, all from


Womanizer – omgben

Halo – Pirates with Paper Hats

Hot N Cold – Play it Loud

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Chalices of the Past

Umbrella – electronicMESS


Very special show next week, then back the week after with a regular show. What’s regular? I don’t think we know any more!


Ann + friends.


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