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With ex-ex-exclusives galore and freelance journalist Daniel Nye as our first guest of the season, Episode Two is the hottest show we've recorded for a long time. Literally, not figuratively; it's like a sauna in the Resonance FM studio, and every bit as sexy.


ie Not at all. Still, the episode features:


++ Ann making a good joke


++ The unresolved introduction of a David Soul LP*


++ Daniel's (doomed, but completely noble) efforts to try and engage Ste and Simon with intellectual games chat


Music from Little Scale, .hnz and Fighter X. 


Email us: or follow us on Twitter (@onelifeleft). Letters totally appreciated (perhaps we need a weekly topic -- maybe the topic this week should be 'what should our weekly topic be?'). Would be contributors can pitch ideas to that address too, we're always listening.


See you next Monday (or Thursday for the podcaster listeners).



Ste, Simon and Ann


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