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One Life Left -- s06e01 -- #121 -- False Starts

Hello. We're back.


Discussed in Episode 1 of Season 6:


++ Where we've been


++ What we're going to do next


++ Videogames (a bit)


Wanted for Episode 2:


++ Letters about anything (to team@onelifeleft)


++ Suggestions for things to do at Nottingham GameCity


++ People to tell people about us, because we've been away



Excellent music this episode from the brilliant Knuckle Joe and Downstate. 


Oh, and hi. It's good to be back. We're sorry it has been so long. If you enjoy One Life Left, please let people know because we rely on word of mouth for listener figures, which are currently at zero. We're back properly now for the forseeable future (we cannot see further than 23 weeks ahead) so we'll see you next week. 


In the meantime, follow us on twitter at @onelifeleft (you can follow our individual accounts at @steishere, @scanters and @byronicman if you want more personal nonsense). 


See you!


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