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One Life Left -- s05e16 -- #112 -- On the Fence Lesser radio shows might think twice about podcasting an regretful hour of bickering, giggling and general idiocy (factual AND behavioural). But One Life Left sees it as an opportunity: this week’s mistake is next week’s hour long apology. Onwards! Also : ++ First details of the Christmas Party, which is on Friday 18th December in London. PLEASE COME. We have a venue and booze and everything ++ Microsoft’s Dan Maher neatly dances past all kinds of journalistic traps set by the cocksure One Life Left ex-ex-exclusive hunting team ++ One Life Left, you’re stupid! Farmville wasn’t made by PlayFish. Please write in and tell us that some more. You know the address Two covers for music this episode: Hot ‘n Cold [Katy Perry] – Mudkipz The Fear [Lily Allen] – Bit the Medusa Ste is away for a week taking a partially-earned holiday , but Simon and Ann will be back next week, presumably with the apologies music on a loop. See you then! Team OLL xxx
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