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One Life Left -- s05e13 -- #109 -- Definitive List Critical success: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED (5g)! Next up, popularity. Research shows that means coming up with arbitrary games-related lists and getting them Dugg, and so it is that OLL brings in the help of a List Expert. Definitive? We'll see... ++ Lots of chat about Nottingham GameCity and the things we're going to do there ++ Not one but Two! Listener! Guests. You could have been one of them if you followed OLL on Twitter*. ++ A handful of salient points about the videogame industry engulfed in a morass of immaturity Probably not going to get the popularity this time, then. But still, Nottingham! GameCity is almost upon us and we are so, so excited about it. Hopefully lots of you will be there, either for our low key live show (lunchtime in the square), the chiptune masterclass (5pm at Muse) or One Night Left in the evening (8pm at Muse). And after that? Who knows. We're staying in the IBIS hotel but don't worry if you've already booked for the other one -- we've no idea where the after-party will be... Music in #109: White Tiger by Sabrepulse A Chiptune to Save the World by Syphus and Combat by Arman Bohn *And you lived close enough to Resonance, and you were free tonight, and you were checking your Twitter feed obsessively, and you wanted to. Obviously.
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