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One Life Left -- s05e07 -- #103 -- Broken News No time to waste on snappy / elegant / laborious intros tonight. We're on the cusp of a three week break which means we've got three weeks worth of game-related nonsense to get through. So look! Urgency! Enthusiasm! Two guests! One Mic! Actual news! It's One Life Left!

And hidden like ruthless game tigers amongst the wild jungle of news, music, reviews and gossip you'll find on this week's show...

+ Pat Garrett, king of, brings the HARD FACTS and RUTHLESS BREAKING NEWS and some PRESSURED GUESSWORK

+ Mathew Kumar, gaming journalist and Best Worst Game contributor brings the GOSSIP, ARROGANCE and doesn't RUIN OUR RADIO SHOW LIKE HE RUINED SOMEONE'S PODCAST*

+ Craig the Rage visits The Big Chill, the doyouinverts are Coming Out and Dr Avatar has some bad news for Kirby

There's also a bonus Taliah for podcast listeners (we ran out of time during the hour). Apologies if you notice some sound problems this week -- there were a few problems with the desk which Resonance are going to fix over the next few weeks. And that's why we're not here until September, too, but we might put some secret things up on iTunes. If you're not subscribed, sort that out immediately.

Other things to do while you're waiting for us to restart:

- Call / write / follow us on twitter (@steishere, @byronicman, @scanters, @onelifeleft)

- Find someone for Ann to Tw-interview and let her know

- Get OLL in the London Lite (or, frankly, anywhere we don't belong)

- Link us on your super popular blog! Or website! Or livejournal! Do the kids still use Livejournal? Is that cool? Oh God

- Suggest some guests! I think Stephen Fry's a bit busy, though

- Send us email on a subject of your choosing. The address is in the show

- Start an international games industry OLL-sponsored fight. Uh oh!

That's it. See you soon!

Ste, Ann, Simon and The One Life Left Team

*Made it ^x more awesome.
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