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One Life Left -- s05e03 -- #99 -- 99 Not Out It's been a busy seven days for tawdry, frivolous news, which means it's up to Ann to raise the bar. Can she do it? No, obviously not, but listen to her try: for the third time in four weeks, it's ALL NEW! One! Life! Left!

In this week's show

* Ann gets giggly about celebrity death,

* An official response from the Lego Game Team concerning last week's proposal,

* And the team introduce themselves for the first. Time. Ever.

Plus new features, old features, reviews, music, and a few minor technical glitches. You might also be able to see some video of us somewhere. I'm unclear on how that works. Hm.

Music on 99:

Suspension by Smiletron
I Breath in Black and White by 4Mat
Beat It (Wavedude Remix) by MJ

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