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One Life Left -- s04e23 -- #95 -- Authority Complex OLL faces up to the challenge of a Simon-less show this week in the only way it knows how: by packing in half a dozen features, keeping the libel to a minimum and staying well inside our comfort zone. News. Reviews. Authoritative commentary. You’ll find half-assed attempts at all of those in the penultimate episode of Season 4! Our run of excellent guests continues, too. Dave Green (I’m Dave Green) joins us in the studio to teach us about some more retro hardware. There’s some improvised music and a listener competition, and Ann has a special request for email mischief. Also brilliant returns for Best Worst Game, Odds On O’D and Game For A Laugh. We are fortunate to have them all. You might find there’s some stereo imbalance during some of the recorded features this week. Apparently one of the CD players is a bit off-kilter. Some post-production tinkering only resulted in multiple Audacity crashes – we’ll try and fix it in the live broadcast next week. It’s our finale! Do join us (and our special guest)! Music on #95: Swapping Harpoons with Ron Moss – Poke-1,170 8-Bit Symmetrical Girl – Chalices Of The Past
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