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One Life Left -- s04e14 -- #86 -- Math Problem It's Simon's last show before Christmas! So what better way to celebrate than with a return to One Life Left values of old: awkward silences, and dozens of technical errors. Welcome to the world's greatest videogame radio show. So what have we learnt? Firstly, that we shouldn't let Ste drink for three days and arrive at the show a physical and emotional mess, incapable of working even the most basic elements of the desk, let alone delivering any kind of insight into the gaming industry. Secondly that if we absolutely have to do that, we shouldn't do it in front of Brammers, Eurogamer's Editor. And thirdly sometimes apologies just don't cut it. Seriously, sorry. This is not the best episode and if it's your first you should probably click back a few although there are, as ever, some highlights. Taliah! Best Worst Games! Sweet music! Off-air libel! An introductory I'm Dave Green joke cut off by Ste's seratonin-deficient incompetence! Oh God. Music on #86: Heartbleeps by Hiroshi Heathens (8-bit mix) by Bracken Ryu the Red Nosed Ninja by Doctor Octoroc Sorry. Sorry! (And sorry this is late, too. For obvious reasons.) See you next week!
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