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One Life Left -- s04e09 -- #81 -- Rush Hour No time for a long explanation here because 1/3 of One Life Left is getting a flight to Lyon in a few hours, which leaves precious little time for sleep / lying awake, regretting all the things you said today. But we should explain why there's three minutes missing from this week's show... Public transport. Ste left Brighton in plenty of time to reach the Resonance FM studios but a series of problems on the British rail network (four separate issues, detail fans) left him fighting his way through rush hour as Ann and Simon broke out the emergency CDs. Ste made it with seconds to spare -- the theme was about fifteen seconds in -- but, as a few weeks ago, we weren't set up to record. So that's why the show starts just after Ann's pleas with Simon not to talk about what she got up to on Friday night at Nottingham Game City. Some of our listeners will already know. The rest will have to put together pieces from the fragments of information here, in episode 81 of Europe's favourite tenuously-related-to-videogames show, One Life Left. Music: Spring // Resplendent / Downey Illusional Hop // Anthony Lofton & Joshua Morse Glasgow Mega-Snake // Mogwai That's it. See you next week. Oh, and please come to our party on the 29th of November. It's going to be brilliant and you'll be able to buy a CD! Srsly.
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