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Is this thing on?

OK. You might think you've guessed the news by now. Listen on, listen on. At least as far as Ann's news, and then read on.


So. OLL #65, as well as carrying the weight of The Announcement, has all the stuff you'll have learnt to tolerate in the previous sixty-four episodes. There is A Stoic Lack of Interest with Ann Scantlebury. There is Belligerent Shouting with Simon Byron. And there is Panicked Fumbling with Ste Curran. That last sentence is the newspaper pull-quote on the poster of Ste's life.

There's gossip, a phone guest, a top five and an impromptu apology. There is poetry, brilliant, furious poetry. There the return of the doyouinverts. There is Derek! Derek! Derek! And we have news on Simon's Florida summit with Taliah.

It is One Life Left! There is gaming, content, nonsense and conjecture. But really the episode's all about the announcement and we are so goddamned excited about that that it's difficult to play this piece of text distant and cool.

Clarifications (and spoilers for those who'd rather hear us talk about it on the show first): for you, you right there, you, our favourite, it doesn't mean a great deal of change. In fact it barely means any change at all except that a) we're allowed to eat and drink in the studio again, b) guests get to sit on a couch, and c) FM listeners won't be able to pick up OLL but an awful lot more gamers will.

There are other advantages, too. Not least, and there is a hint of the future here, that the idea of live shows outside of our weekly slot on the schedule is no longer a dumb, unattainable dream. If World War III breaks out in a week's time and we want to tell you something live from the OLL studio we can.

Assuming you're still alive. Is it really broadcasting if there's no-one there to receive?

We will find out.


Music in #64: Farfar by Hugg & Pepp (for Simon's reaction), Can't Get You Out Of My Shed by Printed Circuit (for Ann), Kom Igen Komissarian by Slagsmalsklubben (for old time's sake) and The End of Radio by the brilliant, brilliant Shellac.

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