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One Life Left -- s03e15 -- #63 -- The Hardest Word Can it ever be a good sign when you find the three minute apology backing music just isn't long enough?

In One Life Left #63 we try to make the best of it. Apology One is standard enough stuff, backed by our midi-synth version of Nirvana's Hallmark anthem. Apology Two? That occurs in the letters section where One Life Left responds to its first ever piece of hatemail. And Apology Three is the most special apology of all; so special, in fact, that we bring in a phone guest to help us.

We had to turn down our mics for the second part of the phone conversation because we were giggling. I am not sure that helped the sincerity of the apology. There is a relatively interesting point, slightly preachy point here which will probably make more sense after you've heard the show and the context of the third apology, so feel free to skip the next bit.


One Life Left is intended for adults. This isn't necessarily because we behave like adults (like Game Theory) or swear very much (like just about every other game podcast). It's because Simon and I speak from the position of two adults who have played and worked with videogames for twenty years and think they're ridiculous and brilliant and terrible; exactly the same things we think about the industry that pays our wages. So a lot of the stuff that we talk about is a naturally adult videogame fan's perspective, loaded with cynicism but still prone to bouts of childish glee.

So based on that we imagine that the bulk of our audience is in the 20-40 age bracket, as are we. That's backed up by the letters we receive and that's who the show's for. We kind of forget that there are other people out there too, forget that our audience isn't just those who explictly decide to download the podcast but that we're actually broadcasting across the whole of London, live, and forget that we probably should warn people who haven't experienced One Life Left before that:

a) Just because games are often for children doesn't mean a show about games is for children,
c) Children probably shouldn't listen to One Life Left, not least because they'll find it boring
b) We try to behave but sometimes, you know, things happen.


Anyway. One Life Left #63, like all the One Life Lefts before it, is almost entirely free of swearing (but not quite) and sort of somewhat free of bawdy humour (but, yeah, not really). It has lots of features, a review of the new Advance Wars where Ste tries very hard to do an ACTUAL review while sorting something out in the studio and some excellent new music. It also has a phone guest, as mentioned. This means we can use the phone and will try and use it at least once a week.

Next week: a very special studio guest, at least one new feature and Ann investigates CFCF's name. See you then.

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