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One Life Left -- s03e04 -- #52 -- SafeSearch Off Celebrity is a curse: just ask Keeley Hazell, the Page 3 stunnah hired to front (lol) EA's Simpsons game at the London Games Festival. Work's exhausting when you have to keep your top on, which is why One Life Left operates a clothing-optional policy inside the studio; after all, there's precious little chance to catch your breath when you're Europe's only videogame radio show. The One Life Left private jet (the tube) taxis in to the most glamorous part of the capital (London Bridge station) and the team saunter (stumble) into Resonance FM's state-of-the-art studio.  They're fresh (?!) from performing One Live Left at Nottingham Gamecity, ready (!!) to deliver a third show in just over a week. Let's see how Ann's news (!!!?!?!?!) stands up to the strain, shall we?

Also: letters, reviews (singular), music, the Top Five (now with its own theme), informal Page 3 gossip, and Odds On OD on the brink. Plus the last ever Craig 'The Rage' McClellan -- at least for now. Oh, and bonus instructions for all our regular Google Image Searchers on how to find a new picture of Ann on the internet. You'll have to listen for that.

If you were lucky enough to hear this episode live when it was originally broadcast you'll have heard Experience Points and Ann Fiction in the left channel only which, as Simon pointed out at the time, is a bit like having the girls lean in and whisper in your ear. It's fixed now but you might notice some glitching, which is a lot like having me fumble around with dodgy audio connections near your ear. Sorry.

Also a bonus Free Market Economy which was missing from the Resonance transmission because of British broadcasting regulations concerning taste and decency*.

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*Because of a bad CD burn. Sorry Derek!
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