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One Life Left -- s03e03 -- #51 -- Nothing Like Tempest

There is a legend that states that should One Life Left ever produce a radio show that is less professional than the last then the house of Scantlebury will fall. It’s half eleven on Tuesday night, just after Episode 3 of Season 3 and as far as we know she’s fine – she’d text if she wasn’t, wouldn’t she? – so let’s assume we’ve continued our slow tramp up the quality mountain and made some definite improvements. In order:


1)      A new ‘Corrections and Clarifications’ section designed for us to make amends to you, the listener, for all our lies and half-truths. Please use responsibly.


2)      Live gossip from the videogame BAFTAS, text-messaged in from an insider spy

3)      Another astonishing secret expert guest who comes with his own theme tune. In all caps: who PLAYS HIS OWN THEME TUNE LIVE.

4)      A competition! An actual competition! To win exclusive Ann memorabilia!

5)      Intermittent (and unnecessary) barracking of both Jeff Minter and The Hoosiers

6)      A curiously-enraged Derek Williams

7)      The podcast appearing a record 116 minutes after broadcast.


Plus all the usual stuff: music, letters, inside jokes and highly regarded (or at least regarded) features.


Thanks to Kotaku and The Guardian for the coverage this week. If you have any more places you think OLL should be, please do us the grandest of favours and let them know (and then let us know that they know). It’s always lovely to hear from you about anything else, too. You should know the email address by now.


What else? This Thursday is OLL’s very special* appearance at Nottingham Gamecity. We have no idea what that’s going to be like but please, come and say hi and enjoy a drink with us afterwards. Friday is the OLL affiliated curry-evening and Saturday is Ste’s talk about his Mum. Sunday we’re doing Handheld of a sort at the London Games Fringe thing at 333; more info on that in the show you’re no doubt already subscribed to.


Subscribers may get a secret gift later in the week. We’re not sure yet.


We’ll be adding pictures to our Facebook group later this week (Ann’s in charge) so if you haven’t joined that maybe you should. Our MySpace friends page is a good place to find all that music that Simon hates so much. And the One Life Left Forum has lots of people talking about videogame pants and much more besides. See you there.

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