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No Continues is One Life Left's off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss different games that incorporate a single theme. This week's theme is 'Let's see what happens if Ann and Ste swan off to San Francisco to record some shows with Gamasutra and leave Simon to do a show all by himself'.

And the resulting show is surprisingly broadcastable. We hear about how becoming a Super-Special Guest gets you automatic membership to Noel Edmonds' Dream Factory and the new and returning members to that factory floor are very excited by this news. The lucky people are Spilt Milk Studio's Andrew Smith, Savy Gamer's Lewie P, writer for hire Jamie Firth and Tom Trewhella who is a boy.

Despite Ann being away in GDC land, we still manage to get some news on the show as Ann's Intern jumps off the subs bench to tell us all about excel games and what Ann thinks about Tetris. To be honest, we were just surprised that Ann has even heard of Tetris.

In addition to all this we find out what Simon thought of when we was on Gamesmaster (at least the thoughts of someone who sounds a bit like him) and we find out what Ste really stands for (he stands for nothing - he's open to bribes).



1. Martin Galway - Rambo Loading Theme (C64)

2. Innocent Deception - Snake Eater Theme (OC Remix)

3. Apocalypse Theme (OC Remix)

4. Muse - Starlight (remix)

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