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Welcome once again, dear listeners, to another packed episode of One Life Left! This week we discuss the "impending" sale of OLL for what could be millions! Simon went on a boat and reports back plus we find out more in the Saga of Scantlebury! Ste reports back from the latest Maraoke, including public Monkey Ball arguments and news of future events.

There's also not one but TWO SSGs!! This week we're joined by none other than Ann Scantlebury and Alice Curran!

Meanwhile, we're still eager to hear from you all! Write in with a video game related musing for us to discuss on a future episode to or join our Discord (link below) and drop letters for us there! 

Team OLL x

The OLL Discord Channel Invite Link!!!

Metroid Dread
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

8 Bit Computing by 8-Bitchintendo
Uncertain Path by Feryl

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