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Ladies and gentlemen, on today's episode you will learn what it is like to be kissed and cuddled by gaming itself. Yes, we get the lowdown on Simon's new gaming chair - and should our discussion win you over, a link to said chair is below for you to own one yourself. Mr Byron says it's the most comfortable sit ever! We also talk about Sir Clive Sinclair and what the Spectrum meant to us, along with all your usual OLL favourites including Simon Byron's Fast Five and a report on yet another live Maraoke event!

Meanwhile: Did you ever punch Ste in the face ever? Why not write in and tell us all about it at or join our Discord (link below) and leave a letter there, as well as joining in on one of our many conversations! 

Team OLL x


Own a chair just like Simon's:
The OLL Discord Channel Invite Link!!!

Golf Club: Wasteland

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KrakrZ by MotionRide

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