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Hello again, dear listeners, to another morning show edition of One Life Left as we (hopefully) get ever closer to being allowed back in the ResonanceFM studio!

No SSG this week but we deal with all the hot topics in the news round-up, more letters, reviews and another thrilling installment of new "feature" Simon Byron's Fast Five! We also cover Ste's moral quandary over RimWorld. Are you not entertained?!

There's also news of the first LIVE Maraoke since the before times! Link below!

Don't forget you can write to us and we'll read/discuss your musings in a future episode! Either join the Discord server (link below) and post a letter in there or drop us a line at !!

Team OLL x

The OLL Discord Channel Invite Link!!!

Get your tickets/info on the next LIVE Maraoke here:

Sniper Elite VR

Celeste OST: First Steps, written, performed & mastered by Lena Raine:
Space Channel 5 Main Theme, composed by Naofumi Hataya and Kenichi Tokoi:

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