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Hello and welcome, dear listeners, to another episode of One Life Left! An SSG free week but there's still loads to talk about, not least the fact that Simon is now a "Man of Leisure" (at time of typing...) so if you'd like to book a tour of his shed or enquire about his CV then drop us a line on

We also find out if Mario Golf: Super Rush is the fastest game to end up being slapped on eBay by Simon - incidentally the auction runs until July 3rd so there's still time to get a bid in on this special, one of a kind, Limited Simon Byron Edition - link below! I'm sure he'll autograph it for a listener...

Meanwhile please do continue to hurl your letters, job offers etc. in our direction! Either join the Discord server (link below) and post a letter there or drop us a line at !!

Team OLL x

The OLL Discord Channel Invite Link!!!
Simon's Mario Golf eBay Listing:

Mario Golf: Super Rush
Cruelty Squad
Minute of Islands
Fossil Corner

Lemon by Daisy:
Damn it! The Pool's Closed by sloopygoop:!-the-pools-closed

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