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Welcome to another episode of One Life Left! No SSG this week but we learn this important lesson: "If you do something that people like, do nothing else ever again!"

Something worth having a look at is the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid - link below - that is chock full of wonderful games at an amazing price: At the time of writing it includes 1019 games all for $5!! It's currently raised just under $563k and has 2.5 days left to run so check it out.

Meanwhile, do you have any E3 speculation, dear listeners? Let us know on our Discord server (link below) or at !!

Team OLL x

The OLL Discord Channel Invite Link!!!
The Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid:

Resident Evil Village
Sludge Life
The Magnificent Trufflepigs

Courtesy by chipzel
February Fool by YQN:

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