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Hello, dear listeners! Welcome to the Podcast Edition of the World's Longest Running Video Game Radio Show! Quick notes from me this week as I am, admittedly, doing this while I should be "working"...

No SSG again but there's plenty of news, letters and reviews to get your teeth into! Yes, I did copy and paste that from last week - don't judge me!

Now is a good time to hit the OLL Discord server in anticipation of Ste adopting the server users (Discordians? I think that term is taken but it could be apt...) as some sort of free QA department to test his new game! Was that his plan all along, dear listeners??!

Meanwhile please continue to send in your emails (and Discord messages) for inclusion on future episodes! Contact us at or drop us a line on Discord (invite link below)!

Team OLL x

The OLL Discord Channel Invite Link!!!

The Hidden City
Yoghurt Commercial 3
The Invisible Hand

Elite C64 Main Theme composed by Aidan Bell and arranged by Chris Abbott:
Hades - God of the Dead composed by Darren Korb

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