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Hello dear listeners! This week we're joined by Discord Legend Extraordinaire: Dexter Byron! He's here to audit our Discord server, casting an expert eye on things and telling us what we can do to improve your, yes your, experience there as a valued OLL listener! Phil the (Under)Caretaker has spent a bit of time sprucing up the server in light of the report so come and join us, tell us what you think. You can also suggest future features and song suggestions in there as well as seeing/hearing the occasional OLL Extra! Brand synergy! Etc! Link is below!

Meanwhile, write in with all your gaming related thoughts and questions, for inclusion and discussion in future shows, to

Team OLL x

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Dexter Byron:

Everybody's Golf
Rain on your Parade

Sailor moon - Soldier Of Love (8-BIT cover) by 8-BITchintendo
Mining For lettuce by captain

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