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Dear listeners, we present to you the latest episode of One Life Left. A special edition - nay "Diamond Edition", as it were. Today we are honoured to be joined by not one but two Super Special Guests - Dominik Diamond & Darren Wall - in a lengthy interview about life, the universe and a TV show from the 90s that you might have heard about called GamesMaster.

The intrepid duo have a book being funded on Kickstarter as I type: GamesMaster: The Oral History. We talk about that as well as the burning question of why Simon was overdubbed on his commentary appearance all those long years ago! Links for our guests, along with their Kickstarter, are below.

For those who may be joining us for the first time, we are One Life Left! The world's longest running radio show about videogames. We air on London's Resonance 104.4 FM on Monday evenings with the show's podcast coming out on Wednesdays (mostly). Please do write in with your gaming questions (though we don't give out tips and cheats like on GamesMaster. Normally.) to

Team OLL x

GamesMaster: The Oral History on Kickstarter:
Dominik Diamond:
Darren Wall:
Read-Only Memory:
Simon's Overdubbed GamesMaster Appearance:
(Sorry, Simon - Phil)

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Gods Intro Music by Richard Joseph (Remix by Powertrace)

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