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We might've missed last week but we have a treat for you in this episode, dear listeners: An SSG! Today we're joined by Jay Shin from Arrogant Pixel! As well as all the usual videogame shenanigans you know and love - for new listeners that involves news, listeners letters and reviews!

Meanwhile the clocks have gone forward, the days are brighter, and the end of lockdown is in sight! But what have we learned from the past 12 months, listeners? Why not write in and tell us? Fire your letters at

Team OLL x

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Arrogant Pixel:
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Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol.1
Quake 2
MS Flight Simulator
Stardew Valley
Landlord of the Woods

Commando (Main Theme) by Rob Hubbard
Zoids (Main Theme) by Rob Hubbard (cover by Fabio Marinelli)

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