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Hello listeners! THIs week the ShOw was recorded on a Saturday - could you tell? We did this because it was Mr Ste CurraN's birthdaY on Sunday - Valentine's Day, no less! No excuSE for forgettiNg that Date in fUture, eh?

BeSides thAt it is business as usual on today's ePiSode! No SSG but plenty of Video game shenanigans to discuss - PLus some loosEly MAraoke related Taylor Swift chat! Speaking of, the next Maraoke will take place on February 26th so put that on your calendarS!

Only onE letter to talk about this week but we threw everything out of sync with the Saturday recording so we forgive you all! Please do remember to send your letters to us at for discussion in future shows!

Team OLL x

(Just tested and this link is still working. Come and join us!)
Maraoke Event Facebook Page

Slay the Spire
Cyberpunk 2077
Synth Riders
Dyson Sphere Program

Floating by Hide Your Tigers

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