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Hello dear listeners! No SSG this week but we have a show packed to the rafters with video game shenanigans just for you! Apologies if you had any problems with the link to our Discord server last week - a new link is below which Really Should Work! I tested it and everything... please do come and join us on there.

Meanwhile, did you buy in to Stadia? What do you think of Google scrapping their in house games development?? Send your thoughts, your dreams, your questions (they don't just have to be about Stadia...) in to us at

Team OLL x

(If anyone has any issues with this link then please let us know! It should work, honest! Think of it as a challenge...)

Journey to the Savage Planet
Slay the Spire

Project Sundown by AcidicVoid
Pururin(cover) by jessemania

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