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Well, it appears none of us ended up becoming the next President of the USA but, for the third week running, we have a Super-Special Guest: James Parker from Ground Shatter Games! Three SSGs on the run! Is this the new normal??

Meanwhile, the next generation of gaming has begun! Yesterday! Did you get a new Xbox this week, dear listeners?? Phil the (Under)Caretaker did and he's very happy with it so far, though this might be being swayed by the ailing state his original Xbox One was in... Anyway, let us know your thoughts on the new next gen and gaming in general at and your letter may be read out on a future episode. There are no prizes but you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

Remember: Stay safe out there, listeners!

Team OLL x



The Outside by donotrunwithpixels
High Five Clubhouse-Vision by Christopher Brown

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