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Well, dear listeners, who would have thought it? For the second week on the trot we have a Super-Special Guest on the show!! Zach Weddington joins us to talk about his new multi-part documentary, Arcade Dreams, about the 100 year history of arcades and arcade games - links below!

In other news, we prepare to enter another "lockdown" here in England whilst over on the other side of the pond, nobody knows who is President of the USA yet (at the time of me typing this...) It could even be me! I mean, highly unlikely but let's not rule it out just yet... Meanwhile: Was the new lockdown orchestrated by Nintendo to try to wreck the next generation launch plans of Microsoft and Sony and drive up sales of Pikmin?? Of course not but I wouldn't be surprised if someone believes it... 

It's been a long week... Look after yourselves and stay safe out there, listeners!

Team OLL x



Snakerider by Notehead
Slowly Boiled Frogs by Unexpected Bowtie

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