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No Super-Special Guest this week, but we did have Simon ‘Two Mics' Byron in the studio which we weren't expecting, and neither was he. But why was he in the studio, and did it have anything to do with Ann's big news story?

We planned an OLL Road Trip/Roadshow, but I wasn't invited so I'm not really that bothered about it. In fact I was accused of being the OLL Super-Spreader, which I could be offended by, but I think it's the OLL equivalent of the Tiswas Phantom Flan Flinger so I'm taking it as a compliment.

We also found out which of the team had been inappropriate at work, worked out if a car was cosmetic, and decided if we were on the side of Netflix or Chooseco.

Team OLL x


Simon's Handheld

1. Amateur LSDJ - Resilience
2. Lakitunes - End Of The Day

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