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The mystery of the missing stamps is still ongoing. Or, for the returning Ann, it starts today. Given the recent announcement of a price rise this means that the absent package will be worth 8.5 percent more at the end of the month than it did when they were first sent. If we don't find them by the end of the year they will be likely worth millions.

We tried to work out if Switches were stereotyped, didn't try to work out what the plural of a Switch is, Ann forgot and then remembered a very good joke, and Simon got a bit upset about the Geforce Now. We also learnt about a cross promotion that Angry Birds was doing, but given it was Angry Birds maybe we should have said it was a very cross promotion. Clever wording we know, cheers.

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1. Dante's dmg- 2020
2. Dumbug (UK) - Wonky[nanoloop27wip]

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