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What do you do for videogame news when your HR director/first choice newsreader is on approved holiday? Normally we would go to our second choice local newsreader, but he was watching 1917 for his 40th birthday and couldn't really be bothered to write anything (see also: all Local News features for the past two seasons). This meant Ste and Simon had to resort to crowdsurfing the news instead. Of course, they could have spent ten minutes writing some jokes themselves, but where is the fun in that.

Unfortunately for the show, but luckily for the prospective guest, and unluckily for Simon's affections we didn't manage to get a Super-Special Guest this week. This meant that we had some additional time to talk about VR and how it has changed over the past few years, but more importantly we spoke about how Ste has damaged VR headsets over the years.

We also explained our innovative ways that we loaded games in the past, tried to work out where our post was, and had a Mario Tennis review rally.

Team OLL x



1. Acidic Void - End of Summer 98
2. Sharp Edge - Climbing for Flowers

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