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After a break last week due to illness, work, and work illness two of the team returned to the studio to open double post, say testicle on air and work out how many countries there are. And by countries we might mean a sovereign state that's a member of the UN in its own right. Or maybe we don't.

At least we had Jennifer Schneidereit from Nyamyam Games in the studio as a Super-Special Guest. She spoke about her latest game Astrologaster, which is based on the real-life story of Simon Foreman, who claimed he could cure the plague by reading the stars. Unfortunately Astrologaster is such a good game that it resulted in Jennifer being cyber-stalked by Ste (from a safe, respectful distance). Next time, if you don't want to have Ste's attentions don't make a funny game, and don't include madrigals for each character in your game. It worked for the creator of Bangman.

We also played news snap, entered a new word into the Official OLL Style Guide, and tried to figure out what E3 activations are.

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