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It's our 400th episode! To celebrate this non-provable fact we managed to successfully not answer any questions that our listeners sent in, launched the RIO scheme, and invented a new stamp.

More importantly, we had Deborah Mensah-Bonsu from Space Ape Games on as a Super-Special Guest. She was on to advertise the already sold-out Games For Good event, which is about how games can actually be for good. We already knew about this (see: Bangman) but it's still good to hear. Plus it means that you are all ahead of the curve to book tickets for the second annual Games For Good.

Ann also managed to get some good exclusives out of Deb around what games Space Ape is working on. We're looking forward to colourful years ahead.

Team OLL x




  1. adaMills - Smooth Rider
  2. Mystery Stain - Hydrochloride[lsdj]

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