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We all know that the people who read this part of the podcast are more involved in OLL Lore than the average (Yo) Joe, so you might be able to answer a question that Team OLL have never been able to successfully do. Does a new season of OLL start after the Christmas break, or only after our summer holidays (like school)? Our methodology has changed over time, which means that we've been going for nearly 14 years yet have 20 seasons under our belts. 21 if you count this as a new one. Which we aren't. Yet.

But anyway.

Our first show back for a new decade sees the full team in the studio to talk about New Years parties, the best way to make roasties, and how we would all check games. We also had a news quiz, found out that Ste is a snitch and had a live GDC Maraoke update.

Next week is our 400th episode. Unless you count those OLL Knights episodes, or the literally unbroadcastable ones from GameCity. Anyone want to become the Official OLL Librarian?

Team OLL x




  1. Tsuwami - Resolution
  2. amateur lsdj - Blasphemy

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