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As the Team went into the studio they took a moment to do a quick roll call. Ste - check. Ann - check. CD with the theme tune on - definitely check. Simon - Simon? Anyone? Simon? Apparently Simon was in Tenerife, but it was unclear if this had been cleared with HR. If you tune in next week this mystery will definitely be solved (assuming we remember it).

There was also no Super-Special Guest this week which meant Ste and Ann could talk about the most important subject in videogames over the past seven days which as we all know was: What was the most boring thing we have done recently?

We tried to work out if Ann had AR glasses, were fully entranced by Ste's Noita chat, and nearly went back on our letter ruling from last week. But we didn't. Team OLL has made a unanimous decision and we will stick with it, even if it affects our content levels.

Team OLL x




  1. Gala - OPL2 + Reverb
  2. Feryl - mahjong

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