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The full team came into the studio with sufficient time for the show to start, only to find that the mixing desk didn't want to play fair. Was it upset that we didn't have a show last week? We may never find out. This did mean that this week's episode is one minute shorter than usual, but we increased the quality of the rest of the episode by 1.7% so you won't see any difference (statistic provided by Ann Scantlebury).

We managed to get Tom Vian from SFB Games in to talk about Tangle Tower, their latest release, and Snipperclips. Both games were launch titles for Apple Arcade and the Switch respectively so we had lots of questions about how what it was like dealing with Nintendo and Apple. Tom tried his best to answer those questions, without ruining any future relationships. Tangle Tower is a murder mystery game that's also available on Switch and Steam. There's also a soundtrack available, and we played some of it on the show. But more importantly, how do you make your own Snipperclips joycons?

There was also confusion about if the Playdate console had been released, Ste had an update from Reboot Develop, Simon might have finally got baseball out of his system (but his Switch habit is getting out of control). Best of all, we had a Damo update.

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  1. Hide Your Tigers - Dream Diver
  2. Rafael Benjamin Meyer - Detective Grimoire and the Mystery of Tangle Tower

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