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After last week’s transport trials we were happy to see the full team in the studio in time for the episode to start. But which one of us missed a flight in the past seven days? And which of us took advantage of the free cable cars that were available thanks to Extinction Rebellion? And did Ann get some shots?

There was no Super-Special Guest this week, but we took that as an opportunity to clarify if you needed to wear pants while playing videogames. We also found out if Dexter listens to One Life Left, worked out who was who in Ann’s family, and which of Ann’s naughty grandparents disgusted her the most with their videogame antics.

There was some confusion about the location of a letter that Tim Miller sent in, we thought Simon had found it, but maybe he didn’t. And we requested that our listeners send in cakes to the show, which works for Test Match Special. Just don’t do what a listener did with a cake that they sent to Mike Mendoza. That did not end well, or broadcastable.

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  1. Cuby The Box - Hello Chips
  2. Tsuwami - Concrete Candy

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