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The full team was back this week for almost the full episode. But which of the team let us down and came in late? Was it Ann, who finally got to show Simon her new party trick? Was it Ste, who managed to get confused as to what skeuomorphism is? (It’s like Link’s Awakening all over again) Or was it Simon, who has had a terrible week in videogame baseball? The answer is held within this episode. And gets answered within the first ten seconds after the theme finishes.

Luckily there more to this week’s episode than that. We also had live Fortnite updates, worked out which games company is going to be our next big score, and found out which of the team has been the closest to firing a gun.

And if you’re a tv company looking for a new brand to option, could you contact us as soon as possible? We’d be prepared to put you in our Apple Arcade family if that helps.

Team OLL x




  1. Chipzel - Beginner’s Luck (Dicey Dungeon)

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