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The episode was recorded on 07/10, or One Life Left Day as we always forget to say until the 9th, at which point the relevance of it has dissipated somewhat. Ah well. There’s always next year.

It’s another Ann free week unfortunately as she was ill, but she had managed to send us the news so we were not as stuck as last week. Plus we also had a Super-Special Guest! George Perkins from Super Rare Games to talk about the Switch games that his company releases in a physical form. We asked him how far in advance he knows what games Super Rare are going to release, if he keeps track of the second hand value of Super Rare’s releases, and which developer is the most attractive.

We also found out Simon’s system for remembering names, Ste told us if he was into mobile games, and we tried to work out where Alphabear 2 was on the Google Play store. If you have any leads let us know.

Team OLL x


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  1. DoragonJOKE - Adventurous Bubbleship
  2. Feryl - The Bike Ride Home

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