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What do you do when one of your co-hosts is off and another one is stuck in traffic? Ste showed one of the potential options available in this week’s episode. Luckily Ann managed to get to the studio before her text did, which meant that we’ll have to go back to solo Ste in a future season.

No Simon meant that there was no Super-Special Guest, but Ste and Ann had lots to talk about. They made an executive decision to change the format of the news, which is something that will rock videogame radio shows for years to come. The major development of the week is that Marioke changed its name to Maraoke. This news didn’t sound too big, but now you can see it written down you realise that it actually looks different.

We also found out that Ann had been watching mucky movies, Ste’s students were doing a game jam on seasons, and Ann forgot what FMV stood for. Again. We also announced the launch party of Maraoke, which is taking place on 18th October at the Loading Bar. See you there.

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