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It’s a full team this week, but Simon is poorly so it’s more of a team 2.5. Except we had Jack Attridge on as a Super-Special Guest which boosted us up to 3.5. He was on to talk about Erica, which is also the name of his newest game. Or is it a movie? We try to work out the differences between the two. More importantly, is it a lean back or a lean forward experience? Even more importantly, what does Jack’s Mum think about Erica?

We tried to work out if we were a family, checked what we were collectively subscribed to, and did an investigation into if piracy was still popular. Simon undid one button too many on his shirts and Jack told us that he was on the BAFTA jury for best narrative game. Oh the stories he could tell!

Team OLL x




  1. Tsuwami - Battle Music
  2. Going Ham - Secret Man

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