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So we’re back with season (BEEP). And we have been for the past three weeks, but we forgot to tell anyone. Included in that list was The Caretaker, which is why you’re going to have four episodes over the next two weeks. Aren’t you a lucky bunch of listeners?

There was no Simon this week, which meant this episode was a bit Taylor Swift heavy. There was no Super-Special Guest either, which meant we told you everything we knew about Death Stranding. And being our first day back meant we also got to tell you What We Did On Our Holidays.

Ste told us about his Gamescom adventures, showed us his astounding powers of recall, and also why he’s going to do a Billy Madison. Ann is now a non-Endless runner and spoiled Succession (luckily off-air). We also gave Cassetteboy a great idea for a new video, explained why Spotify has ruined the art of the hidden track, and told everyone that Marioke is changing its name. Except that was two weeks ago Grandad!

Sorry about the delay in uploading the podcasts. Normal service will resume in two weeks. Although, by us failing to upload the episodes two weeks after they aired you could argue that normal service has already started.

Team OLL x




  1. adaMills - The Motherchip
  2. Derris Kharlan - Machine Learning EX

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