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As we all know, One Life Left is recognised throughout the world as the longest running videogame radio show and also as one of the most modest radio shows. But sometimes we need some personal thanks. A little realisation that we've done a good job. And this week's Super-Special Guest Nicholas Lovell gave us some Super-Special Thanks in the acknowledgments of his latest book, The Pyramid of Game Design. Getting unconditional thanks is really something that we don't deserve. Ahem.

Nicholas was on the show to talk about his current role, which is Games Director of Hot Wheels ID. It's a way of incorporating your physical Hot Wheels cars with an online gaming experience. The prospect of thinking how to make this as excellent as it could be is what dragged Nicholas out of consulting and back into a full time role. But mostly we tried to think of songs that we could write about Nicholas, as we made a promise to him last time he was on the show.

We also found out what Simon expects from a barbeque, if Ste is drifting, how long adult humans live for, and what Damo has been up to. The most unusual fact we discovered is how often authors get their book sales data. Although the ‘swipe before they wipe' fact was quite close.

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  1. Coconums - Amalgamy (short)
  2. Astrolander - Never Late Again

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