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With Ann missing at the beginning of the show and no Super-Special Guest booked, the lads took full opportunity to talk about football and if computer referees are better than computer-assisted human referees. It was actually more philosophical that it seems when we've written it down. However, Ann eventually showed up which gave us the opportunity to interview her about the latest developments at her work, without her actually telling us what her work is. We didn't even get to find out the colour.

Luckily, Ann had provided us with the latest videogame news for the start of the show, albeit with a massive chunk of news missing. Ste started the show with wet headphones, Simon was starting to move across to his summer wardrobe, and he also provided us with very specific Switch travel gaming tips.

We also found out what Damo is up to, who Ann's favourite Eurogamer is, and worked out how much money Alex Fleetwood owes us. Finally we've found a way to monetise. Monetise means blackmail right?

Team OLL x




  1. CoolBecky - Dead Birds
  2. Outaspaceman - how can this be?

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