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Only 379 episodes in and we finally get a Super-Special Guest in with the required knowledge of 90s boybands for Ann and Ste (plus a reluctant Simon) to talk about Busted and Westlife for at least twenty minutes. That SSG was Felicia Prehn from Nopia. She had flown in from Finland purely to be on our radio show, having the opportunity to finally see Westlife after over twenty years of being a fan DEFINITELY didn't have anything to do with it.

Did we talk about games during the show? Well, Felicia did teach us something about Pokemon Go, we sort-of worked out why Fortnite is called Fortnite and we decided who was the best out of Tony Gowland and J-Parks - but mostly it was boyband chat. It was probably for the best that we spoke about videogames right at the beginning of the show for once.

Luckily, the game that Felicia is working on for Nopia is related to boybands so all this music chat was adjacent to videogame. The provisional title of Felicia's game made Ste (or Ann) audibly gasp with admiration when they heard it.

And to top it off we played a track that Felicia made herself. We think that this is the only time that we've played a song on air that the SSG had made. Well, apart from that time Parko released a Marioke style cover of Duran Duran's ‘Hungry Like The Wolf' to be about his new book.

Keep 16th August free for a very special Marioke. Although all Mariokes are special aren't they?

Team OLL x



1 Sofaspartan Music - Echoes
2 MC Licia - Another Dimension

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