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After an episode with rave reviews across the board we shipped Sarah Brin back off to America (mostly because the reviews shipped Sarah Brin), brought Simon back for a full episode and allowed Ste in the studio. What will the reviews make of this episode? They’ll probably say it’s a bit too Muse heavy, that there weren’t enough live updates from E3 and that the chip music was slightly strange. So a classic episode of One Life Left then.

As you’d expect from the world-famous OLL team, one of us was in MCV last week. Now we just need to get that coveted centerfold photoshoot that all podcasts/radio shows want to be on. We’ve been practising our poses for over fourteen years, or is it thirteen? We forget. Or try to forget.

What else happens in this episode? Simon announces a new purchase along with a potential second purchase, we let you know what music we listen to whilst we work, there’s a mini Marioke announcement and we confirm if mountains can be metaphors.

Team OLL x



Tracklist (which is pretty much the same as last week’s):
1 Coconums - And I Saw A Light
2 SELF7ED - A Hero Rises

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