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One Life Left is known for diversification and we have now moved into the True Crime category, as - one by one - our presenters slowly go missing during the show. Firstly, Ste fails to show up. Then, Simon vanishes at the halfway point. But who could the suspect be? Is it Ann Scantlebury, the HR director annoyed with the time off requests that the team make? Could it be Sarah Brin, the not self-proclaimed Queen of Cool? Or could they both have had other engagements?

Hopefully it was the latter as we don't want either Ann or Sarah to be in trouble. Plus Sarah was our Super-Special Guest and none of our SSGs have ever been up before the beak (checks list of SSGs, places a question mark against Parko). Sarah was in to talk about her work in Santa Fe with MeowWolf, how you make an immersive installation, if you can touch a laser and answers the age old question: which came first, the Wolf or George RR Martin?

We also find out which is the best city in the world, Ann spoils the Death Stranding trailer, we work out what VR is better than, and asking if any of us have been sued gets a surprising answer from Libby, sorry, Sarah.

Team OLL x




  1. Coconums - And I Saw A Light
  2. SELF7ED - A Hero Rises
  3. mark 87 - My Last Day

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