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After a two week absence from the airwaves for two of Team OLL, the full team was back in the studio. Ann had been in Scotland, Simon was in Sweden, and Steā€¦ well it's probably for the best that you didn't hear what Ste was up to last week.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Ground Shatter's James 'J Parks' Parker, who has been a regular SSG on the show over the past few seasons. We spoke to him about Rico, which has now been released on all major platforms since he was last on One Life Left and is doing rather well. J Parks told us the differences when releasing games on multiple systems and which system has the most vocal users. He also jumped out of a plane wearing two pairs of glasses after going to GDC, which is what most people feel like doing after GDC. Wearing two pairs of glasses that is.

As a new mini feature Ann went a bit ASMR when telling people about their award, if this works let us know as we're always looking for monetisation ideas. We might also be having a fight with a rival OLL crew, so please let us know any fighting tips. Simon saw the saddest thing in the studio, and connected to that we found out what mode of transport Ste is really into.

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