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What better way to celebrate Simon coming back from Sweden than by having one more show before we go on a six week break? There are probably lots of better ways, but unfortunately this is the option that we have decided upon. The fewer of two evils as some might say.

With the need to prepare everyone for an OLL shaped hole in their life for the next few weeks, we didn't have a Super-Special Guest on this episode. This meant that we had extra time to fully speak to Simon about the toilet situation in Sweden, and invent a new feature for the show*. There was also time to discuss the first Marioke held at Loading Bar that wasn't hosted by Ste, a run through of the history of deck building games, and we made a mini GDC announcement.

We went interactive this week: Feel free to send us the videos of you doing the dance that Ann explains the moves to, or your drawings of the person that she describes. We would say that we'd give a prize to the best in each category, but given our track record in giving out prizes that might be a bit of a reach.

Cheerio and see you in six weeks!
Team OLL x

*We still need new features for the show. If you have any ideas let us know through the usual channels.



  1. Amateur LSDJ - Frozen
  2. Martin Demsky - To Be C64tinued

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