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After a week's absence due to various illnesses OLL returned to a studio missing one team member, who was away in Sweden. But which one was it? The mystery gets solved fairly early in the episode, this is why we're a videogame radio show and not a true crime podcast.

As Dry January has been replaced by Drenched February we had a Super-Special Guest - James Chew from Failbetter Games. Their new game Sunless Skies came out two weeks ago so we thought we'd ask him what it's like developing a game world with an existing fanbase, what it's like moving from being a fan of the series to helping design it, and how does James' degree help in his videogame career.

We clarified the Marioke franchise situation, went CD free (only one edit done in post, but more were arguably needed), tried to work out if Ste was an octopus, and spoke about the iphone a lot.

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  1. Amateur LSDJ - Frozen

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